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Does Having Surgery for an Inguinal Hernia Change Sexual Life?

Hernias in the abdominal wall and in the groin can make it hard for both men and women to have sexual relations. There are several things that can cause this problem. First of all, because large hernias in the abdominal wall cause deformities, they can also make it hard to have a sexual relationship. Aside from these, some inguinal hernias, even if they are not very big, can cause pain and discomfort. Large inguinal hernias that go all the way down to the bags can stop blood flow in the genitals of men.

Inguinal Hernia And Does It Cause Painful Sexual Activity After Hernia Surgery?

It is known that sexual activity is painful for 30% of people with an inguinal hernia. Up to 10% of painful sexual encounters stopped happening after the surgery. Only 2% of people who have surgery say they are in pain afterward. This problem can be seen sometimes after open attempts and sometimes after closed ones. Since the patch and stitch could be the cause of this pain, the staples used to hold the patch in place during laparoscopic repair could also be the cause. Most of the time, pain from staples is worse. Even though these pains do not happen very often, men can ejaculate blood. But even if both methods are used by teams with a lot of experience and knowledge, the chance that problems will happen is very low. There are also places that fix the patch with tissue glue to avoid these kinds of problems. But the cost of the surgery goes up because of the tissue adhesives that are used.

Does Inguinal Hernia Surgery Cause Infertility?

Scientists have not been able to prove that inguinal hernia surgery makes it harder for men to have children. Some problems can happen after surgery, but they do not happen very often. Patching and surgery can cause these problems. This is because the patch stops transmission in the sperm canal by squeezing and sticking the spermatic cord in the hernia area. Patches made of things that do not stick to the spermatic cord have been tried to avoid these problems. But this is not a common thing to do. It also comes in patches with a lot of pores that are used for the same thing. The sperm duct is not the only thing in the spermatic cord. It is also where the veins that come into and leave the facility are kept. If the blood vessels in the spermatic cord are hurt when the hernia sac is removed, the facility may not get enough food. There may also be a full or partial loss of the ability to reproduce. In surgery for a large inguinal hernia, half of the sac is cut out instead of the whole sac being taken out. This is done to avoid these problems. It is known that this helps keep a lot of the plant’s nutrients.

Does Surgery Affect Sexuality?

If the pain during sexual activity does not go away after surgery, the patch might need to be taken off. Also, it is known that removing the nerves in the area leads to better results. During hernia repair, local nerves can also be cut out of people who had pain during sexual activity before surgery. When the patch is used in hernia surgery, there is a very small chance that sexual activity will be painful. Most of the time, surgery does not affect sexuality. Sexual functions are not affected by operations done by skilled and experienced surgeons. But since inguinal hernia surgery is done close to the blood vessels that lead to the facilities, any damage to the channels or blood vessels that carry the sperm could cause the facilities to shrink or hurt. But this rarely happens.

Do Sexual Problems Due to Inguinal Hernia Get Better After Surgery?

It helps the patient heal his or her hernia in a good way. Studies have shown that sexual activity also helps a lot by fixing both mental and physical problems. But this improvement is only good if you have a hernia that makes it hard to be sexual. Even if you get treatment for a hernia, your sexual problems could still be caused by other mental or physical issues.

How Long After Hernia Surgery Can Have Sexual Intercourse?

There is not any clear information about how soon after inguinal surgery a person can have sexual relations again. But it is usually best to wait a week after surgery before getting sexual. In cases of hard-to-repair or large inguinal hernia surgery, however, it would be better to wait 4 weeks before getting back to sexual life or sports.

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