I'm glad I found Dr. Ahmet Bekin.

He helped me get ready mentally for surgery.

The surgery went well, and there were no problems.

I came from London to have surgery, and when our doctor spoke, she gave me confidence. I had surgery, and it went well. Now I am fine.

I was able to walk the day after surgery and went home the next day without any problems.

I was worried about the surgery, but I did not have any pain or discomfort afterward.

I put my faith in Dr. Ahmet Bekin, had a good surgery, and now I am doing well.

My surgery went well, and my doctor's interest and regular follow-up made us very happy.

I did not feel anything during the surgery, and my pain got less and less every day. Now I am very, very comfortable.

I was very happy with the laparoscopic (closed) surgery to fix my inguinal hernia.

I came from Norway because I had gallstones, and everything went well with my surgery.

After the surgery, I went back to my social life right away without any problems.

Having surgery was easy for me, and I did not have any problems. Right now, I am doing very, very well.

He did the surgery in just one day and got my mother well again.

I got back to being healthy because of Dr. Ahmet Bekin.

I was terrified of the surgery, but I trusted my doctor and got up two days later.

I had a good surgery with a team that was both skilled and skilled.

We got a lot of help from Dr. Ahmet Bekin, and our surgery went very well.

In a very short time, Dr. Ahmet Bekin got me back to my old health.

My surgery went well, and I went back to my normal life right away.

My 20-year-old hernia got better because of Dr. Ahmet Bekin.

With the help of my doctor, I am now very comfortable after my surgery.

Dr. Ahmet Bekin was the only person who could do my surgery.

Before and after the surgery, they always took care of me.

I had a closed surgery. I got better quickly, and all of my problems went away in a week.

Our operation was closed, and it was very short. We are doing great now, thanks.

Even though I had health problems, my surgery went very well. I appreciate my doctor.

My doctor gave me the courage I needed, and I went in for surgery. I am doing great now, and I will never forget my doctor as long as I live.

I went to see my doctor Ahmet because someone told me to. I was very happy with him, and the surgery went very well.

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