Closed ( Laparoscopic ) Inguinal Hernia

Laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery is a type of surgery that is done by making three small cuts under the belly button and putting special tools and patches on the inside of the abdominal wall. With the help of a special camera that is put into the abdomen, this surgery treats an inguinal hernia by giving a picture that is 40 times bigger than the normal surgery. Inguinal hernias are fixed by putting special patches behind the abdominal muscles and stapling or gluing these patches to the abdominal wall. Also, a big benefit of closed (laparoscopic) inguinal hernia surgeries is that if the patient has two inguinal hernias, only three 0.5 cm incisions are needed to reach both of them.

Advantages of Closed Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Less pain in the time after surgery
Less time in a hospital
Helps you get better faster.
With three small holes made from the middle, both sides can be used at the same time.
Since people can get back to work faster, there is less loss of labor.
Fewer scars from surgery
Since there is no cut in the groin, there is less loss of feeling.
If the first operation was done with an open method, this is the best way to treat a recurring inguinal hernia.
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