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    This application, which is put into the stomach endoscopically, stops the stomach muscles from contracting in the same way. This makes it hard to empty the stomach. This makes the feeling of being full last longer and helps the person lose weight more easily and quickly. The endoscopic method is used to apply this method to the stomach. This method stops the stomach from releasing the hormone that makes you feel hungry and makes you feel full at the same time. In other words, it stops the stomach from contracting and makes the stomach feel full by stopping the hunger hormone from being released.

    In the past, no one ever thought of general surgery when they wanted to lose weight. Everyone would use a dietitian, acupuncture, sports, exercise, and even some alternative methods. Later, different methods were used, especially for people with a body mass index of 40 or more who did not get better with any of these methods. These people are called morbidly obese. Gastric balloons, on the other hand, are used for people who do not want surgery or are afraid of it. But there are problems, like very bad pain for about two days after the procedure and having to take out the balloon again in six months. But in this way, it continues to work very well as long as the right patients are chosen.

    Aside from these, the non-surgical method application makes this process very easy, and you do not even have to be very overweight to use it. It can be done in as little as 15 minutes, there is no pain, cramping, etc. after the procedure, and people can go back to their normal lives 4 hours after the procedure. It has become very well-known and can be used well.

    Anyone who wants to get results quickly can use this application. In fact, it helps a lot for people who have tried bariatric surgery before and had bad results. It can be used by everyone except people with severe gastritis or ulcers in the stomach, or people who can not get an endoscopy because of a disease.

    Compared to other treatments, this one is the easiest to use, lets you get back to normal life the fastest, and costs the least. The effect lasts for an average of 4 to 6 months after it is put on the stomach, and it is expected that people will see good results during this time. It is put into the stomach with an endoscope, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. About 4 hours after the surgery, people can go back to their normal lives.

    It is put in place with an endoscope. The person comes to the hospital one night before, they are hungry. In the endoscopy unit, the procedure is done while the patient is in a state like deep sleep. This is called “light sedation,” and an anesthesiologist is there to help. The patient has no pain, swelling, or cramping. When the patient wakes up after the procedure, he/she does not remember anything. After the procedure is done, the patient can go home an hour later. After about 4 hours, he/she goes back to his regular life.

    “First, people are looked at, their body mass index is figured out, and short-term goals are set. Before the procedure, plans are made for it. The day before the surgery, nothing is eaten or drunk after noon. The person comes to the hospital hungry and thirsty in the morning. How to get registered After it is done, it is taken to the endoscopy unit. The anesthesia technician and nurse put on the patient’s clothes and open the vascular access. Then, the doctor and anesthesiologist take it to the endoscopy room, where the non-surgical weight loss procedure will be done. After the anesthesiologist gives the patient the drug, the patient falls into a deep sleep. This is called “sedation.” During this time, oxygen is given to the patient through his nose. After this, the patient has no more memories.

    The surgeon starts the endoscopy process. If there are no serious ulcers or gastritis in the stomach, the procedure can begin after the doctor looks inside it. About 40 different parts of the stomach are taken care of. Then, one last check is made to see if there are any problems, and the procedure is over. When the anesthesia wears off, the patient is taken to his bed in the recovery area. After about 20 minutes, the patient wakes up in the recovery room. After an hour, the vascular access is taken off and the patient is sent home. During this time, the person is told not to do anything that needs their full attention for about 4 hours, like driving a car or cutting something with a knife.

    After that, everything is back to normal, and the person can start losing weight.”

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