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There are three different kinds of inguinal hernias, each of which is caused by a separate tear in the groin. But they are all just called “inguinal hernias.” These tears are called direct, indirect, and femoral tears. Since it is not known which tear caused the hernia, a patch must be put on all three tears.

Closed inguinal hernia surgery

In closed surgeries, three separate tears are closed at once, but in open surgeries, only direct and indirect tears can be closed because it is not possible to close all three at once. In other words, this means that the femoral tear is showing, which makes the chance of it coming back after surgery higher. Also, since the hernia could come out of the femoral tear, it could put the patient in danger again after surgery. This is the biggest and most obvious difference between open surgery and closed surgery.

Since the technology used in closed surgeries is more advanced, the groin can be seen clearly on both sides, and both the right and left sides can be fixed. If the inguinal hernia is only on the right side, but there are weak spots on the left side, those spots are also fixed so that the patient does not get the hernia again.

Open inguinal hernia surgery

No matter what kind of hernia you have, there is a chance that it will come back after an open surgery, and if it does, it will need to be fixed again. Second and third repairs are very risky. In recurrence surgeries, the tears may not be closed or the skin may reject the patch, even if the surgery is done perfectly. Because of this, closed surgeries, which are more expensive, should be chosen to prevent the hernia from coming back, and the hernia should be fixed right away.

Since the risk of a recurrence after a closed surgery is estimated to be between 1% and 2%, it is a very reliable method. The original structure is thrown off by a recurrence, which puts the patient in danger.

Closed surgeries can be fixed safely through three small holes, and they also keep your appearance safe. A few months after surgery, the person may look like they have never had surgery. Closed surgeries are better because they take less time to heal. For example, if the patient is released 3 days after open surgery, it may be the same day after closed surgery. If the patient heals in one month after open surgery, it will take them no more than one week to get back to their normal lives after closed surgery.

Open surgeries do not require any special skills and can be done by regular doctors or even urologists. Closed surgeries, on the other hand, require experience and can only be done by surgeons who specialize in this field.

Since the patch and technology used in open surgeries are not the same as those used in closed surgeries, closed surgeries are thought to be a bit more expensive. However, when it comes to reliability, closed surgeries are the clear winner. Of course, it makes a lot more sense to have one closed surgery than a bunch of open ones. Health care is too important to leave up to luck. Especially if there are a lot of people doing open surgery and the quality is not very good.

Since closed surgeries are only done by reliable specialists in reliable places, it gives the patient peace of mind in terms of comfort and convenience after the surgery. It may be best to have open surgery again, but only if you have a hernia on both sides, are at risk of getting one on the other side, want to get back to work and exercise quickly, are a professional athlete, want to get back to your social life quickly, or have a job that requires physical strength (never again after open surgery). load can not be taken away. Those whose hernia came back after open surgery should never have it again. Aside from these people, I pay my high costs and live well. Anyone who thinks that my health is more important to me than money can choose closed surgery, which is risk-free whether the hernia is big or small.

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