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Symptoms of inguinal hernia

Most people can tell what an inguinal hernia is by looking at it. It makes the groin or area around the groin swell, which seems to get bigger when you stand up or cough. Most of the time, the swelling hurts or hurts when you touch it.

Other inguinal hernia symptoms include:

  • When coughing or moving
  • Burning sensation,
  • Sharp pain,
  • A heavy feeling in the groin
  • Scrotal swelling in men (swelling of the scrotum)

Causes and risk factors of inguinal hernia

Even though no one knows for sure what causes an inguinal hernia, it is thought that weak spots in the abdominal and inguinal muscles are to blame. Hernias can be caused by too much pressure on the inguinal area of the body.

Risk factors can increase this possibility. These:

  • genetic
  • previous inguinal hernia
  • to be a man
  • early birth
  • overweight
  • pregnancy
  • chronic cough
  • chronic constipation

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