Inguinal Hernia

What is an Inguinal Hernia? Why Does It Happen?

Inguinal hernia that happens quickly and sometimes goes away as soon as it happens. It is a disease that happens when you cough or strain. Hernia is a condition in which a hole or tear in the abdominal wall allows internal organs to bulge out through the skin. Only the organs inside the body can cause this kind of swelling, and the intestines are the main cause. In the later stages of an inguinal hernia, the swelling usually keeps getting worse.

More men than women have an inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernias happen when the inguinal canal does not close after birth or when it opens up more as a person gets older. When a baby is in the womb, the openings in the groin close, especially in boys. So, the testicles keep growing the way they should. But if the holes are not closed, the hernia starts to get worse. There is a chance of getting a hernia if you are overweight or have a cough that does not go away. Even though it happens more often to men, pregnancy is the most dangerous time for a woman.

How Is Inguinal Hernia Diagnosed?

Inguinal hernias are easy to understand. In fact, patients notice when their hernia is getting worse. When you stand up, you can see the swelling, but it goes away when you lie on your back. In some patients, pain and swelling in the abdomen happen on their own. Cramps happen. In these cases, an ultrasound of the inguinal region is done to check if the intestines go into the hernia area.

Who Gets Inguinal Hernia?

Both men and women can have a hernia in the groin area. It is a disease that can be seen in even a brand-new baby. It is the type of hernia that happens most often. Men are most likely to have it. Hernias do not go away even if you take medicine and do exercises. Surgery is the only way to treat it.

What are the Risks in Inguinal Hernia?

Inguinal hernias can happen and go away quickly. In the tear that forms in a hernia, the intestines may be pushed together. This is called a hernia caused by being choked. If you have this kind of hernia, the pain gets worse. In the later stages of this condition, surgery is needed right away. Because men’s testicles get hurt when they do this. Men who have inguinal hernias are also more likely to have sexual problems. If the disease is not treated, sexual problems like reluctance and inability to sperm will happen.

Treatment Method in Inguinal Hernia

The most effective way to treat an inguinal hernia is to have surgery. The only solution is to fix the hole. Before the hernia gets worse, surgery is the best way to fix it.

Inguinal Hernia Surgery Methods

There are two ways to fix an inguinal hernia through surgery. One is an open surgery, and the other is a laparoscopic surgery. In open surgery, the tissues that were cut away are put back where they were. After the problem has been fixed, the problem is no longer a problem. In the laparoscopic method, a camera and tools are put through the navel and into the abdomen until they reach the groin. In the same way, broken tissues and organs that have been pushed together are put back where they belong, and the problem is solved. Since there is no cut in this method, it takes the patient much less time to heal. Even though this is the preferred method, it can not be used on hernias that are being strangled. Surgery needs to be done to fix it.

Things to Consider Before Inguinal Hernia Surgery

There is an 8-hour fast before the surgery. Medicines that are used and have to be used have to be taken with the doctor’s knowledge. It is very important to take blood thinners, even though they make bleeding worse. People should stop taking these drugs. Even if you have a cold at the time of surgery, you should tell the doctor. The procedure should be put off if needed.

Things to Consider After Inguinal Hernia Surgery

The patient can go home at the latest 2 days after open or laparoscopic surgery. In general, he/she can start running a business at the latest within two weeks. It is suggested that you do not do light exercises or move around quickly. It is hard to do things like sports and heavy lifting. After surgery for an inguinal hernia, the patient must be very careful and take care of himself. Hernia can come back if the wound gets infected, if you start exercising too soon or do too much of it, if you smoke, or if you are overweight.

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