Inguinal Hernia Inguinal Hernia Surgery

What awaits the patient day by day after inguinal hernia surgery?

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The person comes to the hospital hungry in the morning. Exams and preparations are done before surgery. Both the anesthesiologist and his own doctor see him in bed. Everything is looked at one more time to make sure there are no more problems that could stop the operation.

The doctor marks the side that needs surgery. The nurse then dresses it and gets it ready for the operating room. Anesthesia wakes him up after the laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The service gets the message. The person does not remember what happened during about 6 hours of service.

Even if the operation site hurts a little during this time, the painkillers given to the patient keep the pain from being too bad.

After the surgery, the patient drinks one bowl of soup and is walked around by the nurse 7 hours later. Today, it is wanted to be done in a big way.

1st Day After Surgery

The person gets a good breakfast to start the day. Again, after the nurse gives her the medicine she needs, she is helped to stand up and walk. After that, his doctor comes to see him. The surgery area is checked, and if there are no problems, he/she is sent home. When the patient goes home, we do not want him to go to bed. As much as possible, we want it to move. But, of course, as long as you do not try too hard.

2nd Day After Surgery

You should also rest at home. Dressings on wounds from surgery are changed. People use home cures. Almost all of the serious pain has gone away. But we still want the patient to take painkillers and other medicines to help the wound heal quickly.

3rd Day After Surgery

The patient’s surgical area can now have its dressings left open. He/she can take a bath and swim in the sea, but he/she has to wait a week before he/she can go to the pool. If he/she does not do heavy work, like sitting at a desk all day, he/she can start on the third day.

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